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My name is Anastasia Ivanovskaya, I live and work in Amman, Jordan. I have 10 years of experience in marketing field, started as a B2B telemarketer and CRM assistant, taking a position of a marketing analyst and founder of the digital marketing agency. Through the years I was dealing with different marketing challenges throughout different industries and countries.
Even I decided to devote myself to internet marketing, I don't claim myself to be a SEO guru, or a marketing expert, because this area of work is very changeable, and just to keep up on the surface, one must have a continuous practice and self-education.
At the moment I'm into marketing analytics and content strategies, trying to master both spheres and improve the quality of my work.


Anastasia Ivanovskaya Amman

Name: Anastasia Ivanovskaya

Status: Married


City & Country:Amman, Jordan


Marketing Strategies Writing

90% Complete

Search Engine Optimization

70% Complete

Marketing Research

60% Complete

Marketing Portfolio

I have picked different case studies related to several companies located throughout the Middle East, so you can check on the results of my work and the variety of the online projects. Most of our current clients prefer to stay anonymous, so I didn't mentioned the companies, only digital marketing campaigns I've been working on, and brief outlines.

Surgery Webdesign & SEO

Surgery Webdesign & SEO

Web design and SEO in Amman, for local companies willing to improve their online presence and have responsive, UI-friendly website.

Surgery Webdesign & SEO
Marketing Training in Amman

Marketing Training in Amman

This website has various marketing and business topics I offer in a format of active training to companies in Jordan.

Katra Marketing Training
Medical Blog Design and Content

Medical Blog Design and Content

Medical blog page design, content management and articles writing, images graphic design. SEO and promotion on Facebook company page.

Medical Blog Design and Content
IT Marketing Design

IT Company Marketing

Marketing materials for a Jordanian company - full creation and implementation of folders, leaflets, business cards, banners, etc.

Marketing leaflets Jordan
Websites development Jordan

Marketing Websites in Jordan

Our marketing approach for company website design, explained for general managers and business developers in Jordan.

Katra Marketing Jordan
A5 Flyer Design Jordan

A5 Flyer Design

Promotional flyers design for raising awareness among targeted audience - spread in Amman public places.

A5 Flyer Design Amman
Facebook Campaign Brand Awareness

Facebook Campaign - Brand Awareness

Common social media strategy creation, Facebook campaigns for page and website promotion, initial stage for brand awareness and online product ads.

Facebook Campaign Brand Awareness
Website IT company Amman

IT Company - Amman

Logotype and marketing collateral ideation and creation, full branding guideline development for the local company in Jordan.

Branding Guideline Amman
Medical Directory Web design

Medical Website Directory

Website development of online directory for medical companies promotion in Turkey.

Medical Website Directory
Facebook campaign retail

Retail Company - Facebook

Design of a Facebook promotional campaign for selling male underwear by a monthly subscription.

Retail Company Facebook
Vaccination Center Website

Vaccination Center Webdesign

Clinic Website Design, for building brand awareness and promote group vaccination services. Modern website with SEO, with clear marketing goals.

Vaccination Center Website
Medical website design

Medical Website

Unique website design, content writing, marketing collateral for a medical company in the Middle East.

Medical website content
Logotype and branding Amman

Logotype & Branding

Logotype and promotional brochures design, for a scientific research company.

Promotional brochures Jordan
Medical Facebook Campaign

Medical Facebook Campaign

Facebook campaign ideation, Targeted Audience Definition, Facebook Ads Design and Content Writing. Only taglines are shown as a sample.

Medical Facebook Campaign
IT Webdesign Amman

IT Webdesign Amman

Easy and modern website, initially designed by me while working as a marketing manager for IT company in Amman.

Web design IT company Amman
Facebook social media campaign

SMM Campaign Awareness

Modern Facebook social media campaign sample, for advertising marketing webdesign and development in Amman.

Facebook campaign Katra Marketing
Dental Clinic Website design

Dental Clinic Website design

Responsive website development for dentists and dental clinics in the Middle East. Search Engine Optimization always included, for better exposure.

Dental Clinic Website design
Branding Guideline Creation

Branding Guideline Creation

Quick Branding Guideline for a Jordanian company, including editorial tone, fonts, color palette.

Branding Guideline Jordan
Katra Marketing Services in Amman

Katra Marketing Agency

My main company website about digital marketing services Katra Marketing offers for companies in the Middle East.

Katra Marketing Middle East
Doctors Website Page Design

Doctors Website Page Design

A design of website medical page, for doctors' section with reviews. Simple and best webdesign in Amman for companies in the Middle East.

Doctors Website Page Design
SEO Services in Jordan

SEO Services in Jordan

Promotional campaign for Search Engine Optimization Services, targeted Jordanian companies.

SEO Services campaign
Medical Landing Page Amman

Medical Landing Page

Landing Page for medical company product promotion, tested and designed, reached over 14,5% CTR, was used for remarketing purposes.

Medical Product Landing Page
Plastic Surgery Website

Promo Website Surgery

Initial web design of a plastic surgery center in Istanbul, Turkey. Promotional attractive slider targeting women 28-38 yo.

Plastic Surgery Website Turkey
Mediakit Creation Amman

Mediakit Creation Amman

Cool mediakit for PR and marketing blog post offer in Amman. Includes social media data and proposition statement for interviewers.

Mediakit Creation Amman
Medical Website Dubai

Medical Website Dubai

Modern Webdesign for a medical company in Dubai, Search Engine Optimization included to website development project for better results.

Medical Website Dubai
Cancer Center Website

Cancer Center Website

SEO & full website design for a cancer center, to raise the organic search in Google and improve usability, as well as lead generation.

Cancer Center Website
Online Medical Center Website

Online Medical Center Website

Website development for a 24/7 medical center with planned sitemap and better UI. Local Search Engine Optimization for great organic website search.

Online Medical Center Website
Facebook Content Calendar and Content Management

Facebook Content Calendar and Content Management

Content Strategy for Social Media Creation, content calendar creation and scheduling posts, daily Facebook promotion for a positive brand perception.

Facebook Content Calendar and Content Management

My Message to Jordanian Companies


as big as you can

If your customers can't find your website, it's a failure for your business. You are losing money every day, by hiring cheap SEO agencies, or trying to optimize it yourself. My wish is that all local companies will realize it one day - or vanish forever.


my work results

As an owner of Katra Marketing and a marketing specialist in Amman, most of my work is focused at teaching local business owners how to increase sales using company websites.
Internet Marketing is my passion and I'm not shy to admit I'm good at it.


the future online

My main aim nowadays - to explain SMB managers in Jordan the importance of Search Engine Optimization. I'm fighting against cheap Indian companies and suspicious local agencies, proving with my work that internet marketing can be measurable and profitable.

Marketing Professional Resume

Here's a quick list of places where I worked and studied.
I would not say that my way to internet-marketing was easy and well-determined.
I always feel I need to learn more, and getting excited that my marketing career requires constant updates
of my theoretical background and practical experience in online marketing.

What I'm Doing Now

  • Executive Manager

    Katra Marketing, [November 2014 – Present]
    Analyzing the Jordanian market of digital agencies, I came to a very important conclusion: they still use obsolete ways of doing SEO, mostly focus at social media promotion without any proper reports, use mass SMS sending and other "dirty" services. Lack of analytical work, marketing documentation and inability to explain where the marketing budget was spent, devaluate real marketing work and the meaning what any marketer is supposed to do in the company.
    1. Conducting extensive marketing research for companies in the Middle East, creating detailed business models, and delivering strategic marketing recommendations that resulted in significant savings to Katra Marketing's clients.

    2. Fostering teamwork that motivates employees to achieve their highest potential, educate each other and creating their career in marketing field.

    3. Overseeing key projects, ensuring excellence in internet marketing services our agency in Amman offers, and project/team efficiencies.

    4. Defining prioritization of digital marketing investments and initiatives.

    5. Developing ongoing educational, informational and active training programs related to marketing, sales and business development operations.

Local Experience

  • Marketing Manager

    Inspire Solutions, [August 2013 – February 2016]
    1. Developed, managed, and followed marketing communications budget of 20K.

    2. Prioritized and managed marketing tasks, provided direction to create an effective work environment and ensured certain on-time completion.

    3. Expanded business development to include web design as an addition to company portal customization, which increased Liferay Portal sales up to 25%.

    4. Created a marketing plan from scratch, based on online advertising, e-mail marketing and telemarketing activities.

    5. Learned basic aspects of responsive web design, UX, worked with Liferay CMS & Enterprise Portal.

    6. Attained first page position in Google rankings for 80% of targeted keywords.

    7. Developed an internal training system for employees as a part of internal marketing activities, using e-learning and team learning.

    8. Key participation to strategic planning and long-term business development.

    9. Switching salesmen and product managers to Zoho CRM usage, providing the common access to sales/marketing activities.

    10. Managed two redesigns of the company website, revised and created a new company logotype and all marketing materials.

    11. Created 80% of the company website content and all landing pages design and content.

    12. Prepared a set of internal forms used by employees, participated in automated workflow creation that reduced time required to fill these forms manually by 25%, and reduced paper usage up to 40%.

Other Experience

  • Regional Marketing Manager

    Arrayland, [Nov.2011 - Sept.2013]
    1. Created a regional marketing strategic plan from scratch, based on online advertising, SEO activities related to Russian search engines, and e-mail marketing.

    2. Revised and created a new company logotype, designed a set of multi-lingual landing pages for all company products.

    3. Had a strong relationship with managers and local staff, participating in local marketing campaigns creation.

    4. 70% increase in sales for the year 2012 compared to sales for the year 2011.

    5. Defined sales territory, targeted audience and managed strong client relationships within a competitive environment through lead nurturing and loyalty programs.

  • Entrepreneur

    Website, [Oct.2010 - Nov.2011]
    1. Fully developed front-end design, branding, business & marketing plan for a retail online store.

    2. Created and implemented customer service program and retention programs.

    3. Developed logistics scheme (warehousing and distribution), attractive for customers, decreasing the level of custom fees, and the end-price of products up to 60%.

    4. Developed and managed a one-month AdWords campaign that resulted in doubling of direct web traffic, leading to approximately 360% rise in online sales.

    5. Website optimization for Yandex and Google search engines, having more than 20K indexed pages and 17,742 Alexa rank in Russia. Conversion rate for the targeted market was 0,27%.

  • Marketing Specialist

    Integrated Internet Technologies, [Aug.2010 - Sept.2011]
    1. With an effort of the whole team achieved 300% of planned sales in 2011.

    2. Participated in front-end development of more than 80 company websites (e-commerce).

    3. Learned basic aspects of Joomla CMS, worked with Webasyst CMS & Enterprise Portal.

  • Marketing Specialist

    Softline, [June 2008 - Aug.2010]
    • Planned and coordinated various regional marketing and PR events, IT trainings, resulting in a considerable increase in new customers and consistent event success.

Courses & Diplomas

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

    Northwestern University, [2016]
  • Content Strategy for Professionals

    Northwestern University, [2015]
  • Inbound Certification

    HubSpot, [2015]
  • Diploma in E-Business

    ALISON, [2015]
  • Diploma in Social Media Marketing

    ALISON, [2015]


  • Digital Analytics for Marketing Professionals: Marketing Analytics in Theory

    coursera.com, [January 2019]
  • Marketing in a Digital World

    coursera.com, [November 2018]
  • SEO: Link Building in Depth

    lynda.com, [August 2015]
  • Understanding Trademarks: A Deeper Dive

    lynda.com, [June 2015]
  • Google Analytics Essential Training

    lynda.com, [June 2015]
  • Competitive Strategy

    Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, [Oct.2013]
  • Effective Writer: Tools of the Trade

    lynda.com, [June 2013]


  • Bachelors Degree, Marketing

    Modern University for Humanities [2006 - 2011]
  • Teacher of English

    Pedagogical College [2002 - 2005]
  • High School

    Pedagogical Lyceum [2000 - 2002]

9 years

internet marketing experience

268 projects

participated as a marketer

18 projects

finished by Q4 2018

250 hours

annual self-studying

Marketing Consultation in Amman

If you want to contact me and talk about your internet marketing needs, have a marketing consultation in Amman, organize an active marketing training for your employees, or invite me to participate in your media event, please send me a WhatsApp message, an email, or schedule an appointment with me in Amman directly.



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